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We present a selection of recent news items about the activities of the Network and its partners.

Management & Science University awarded E-STAR

May 2023. Management & Science University (MSU) in Malaysia has become the first Higher Education Institution in the world to be awarded E-STAR Accreditation by the Entrepreneurial Mindset Network. As an accredited HE institution MSU has now also joined the E-STAR Academy.

[Read the E-STAR Accreditation profile for MSU...]

Master Class: Entrepreneurial Mindset for Startups

April 2023. Our recent Master Class for the Evolve Accelerator at the University of Essex received great reviews from the participants:

* Amazing * Loved it * Inspirational * Eye opening * A really great session *

[Find out more and book your own Master Class...]

The HIVE Project launches

April 2023.  The Network has created a draft set of aims for the strategic development of Health Innovation based on Values and the Entrepreneurial mindset. Over the coming months we will be seeking partners to collaborate on the HIVE Project.

[Find out more about the HIVE Project...]

Master Class: Entrepreneurial Leadership in HE

April 2023. Our recent Master Class for the University of Liverpool received great reviews from the participants:

* Exceptional * Great ideas to improve our leadership * So much to take away * Very helpful * Great session *

[Find out more and book your own Master Class...]

Code of practice on industry-academia collaboration

March 2023. The Entrepreneurial Mindset Network is a member of the  the community of practice on industry-academia collaboration for knowledge valorisation, set up by the European Commission. We are working with other members to co-create a Code of Practice.

[For more information...]