Showcasing the successful use of the entrepreneurial mindset by individuals, teams and organisations

We celebrate and showcase individuals, teams and organisations who use the entrepreneurial mindset to make their unique contribution to the world.

Individuals can use our Entrepreneurial MINDSET Profile Tool to gain feedback, enjoy coaching support, and create a certified Personal Development Plan.

Teams can use the MINDSET Profile Tool to evaluate their performance and plan for improvements.

The Network offers an accreditation which recognises Higher Education providers and supports their ongoing development as entrepreneurial organisations.

E-STAR Accreditation

Picture Credit: Entrepreneurial Mindset Network

The Entrepreneurial MINDSET Profile Tool

You can gain invaluable feedback about your entrepreneurial mindset by using our online MINDSET Profile Tool. 

How does the Network collaborate?

Collaborations and partnerships offer a path to more significant outputs and greater impact.

Can my Higher Education Institute gain accreditation?

The E-STAR is an international accreditation which recognises Higher Education providers for their commitment to the entrepreneurial mindset.