1 SHINE Vision

Our Vision is that by 2025 the SHINE Project will have supported a diverse range of European HEIs:

1) To have progressed beyond the early stages of building the capacity for innovation & entrepreneurship

2) To have overcome the common obstacles to scaling up the capacity for innovation & entrepreneurship

3) To be using the capacity for innovation & entrepreneurship to generate significant impacts in the regional & national innovation ecosystems

2 SHINE Objectives

5 Project Objectives align to the SHINE Vision:

1) To establish a strong collaboration between our Partners through a shared commitment to helping each other to scale up our existing innovation & entrepreneurial capacity 

2) To capture how our Partners developed their existing innovation & entrepreneurial capacity & to make these practical lessons available in an ‘Innovation Roadmap’ for use by European HEIs that are in the early stages of developing capacity

3) To determine how to overcome the most common obstacles to scaling up innovation capacity in our Partners & to disseminate this how-to-knowledge in a ‘Scaling Innovation Toolkit’ for use by a diverse range of European HEIs

4) To develop & disseminate an ‘Impact Guide’ that will support European HEIs who have a strategic objective to create impact within their regional & national innovation ecosystems

5) To support academics, non-academics & HEI leaders to develop the right mindset, an entrepreneurial mindset, which will enable the scaling of innovation & entrepreneurial capacity & support long term institutional change

3 Partners and Timetable

The SHINE Project is co-ordinated by the Entrepreneurial Mindset Network in a collaboration with Partner organisations based in Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Malta, North Macedonia, Portugal, Serbia, Spain and the United Kingdom. The Project will launch on July 1st 2022.

We aim to publish the Innovation Roadmap by December 2022, the Scaling Innovation Toolkit by December 2023 and  to hold a conference to present all our findings and to launch the Impact Guide in June 2024.