Our xCHANGE webinars are an exclusive opportunity for our members to meet online and to exchange examples of the entrepreneurial mindset, share ideas and questions, and determine actions to bring about change.   

What makes our xCHANGE series different to most webinars is the emphasis on interaction, the sharing of views and discussion. All participants receive a written summary after the event. We also feature summaries of the webinars and video clips in our regular members-only eZINE.  

Our event xCHANGE 7 "Intrapreneurship: making it happen" took place in March 2022. We discussed 1) Getting started as an intrapreneur 2) The common obstacles to intrapreneurship and 3) How to become a stronger intrapreneur.

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Our next webinar xCHANGE 8 "The entrepreneurial mindset for students and academics of any discipline" will take place on Thursday June 23rd at 10:00 EDT USA = 15:00 UK = 16:00 CET = 16:00 South Africa = 19:00 Pakistan = 22:00 Singapore.

We will be discussing 1) How can we convince students of the relevance of the entrepreneurial mindset? 2) How can the mindset be taught? 3) How can academics role model the entrepreneurial mindset for students?

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2021 xCHANGE Webinars

People who registered to participate in our xCHANGE events in 2021 came from 30 countries: Australia🇦🇺, Austria🇦🇹, Canada🇨🇦, Colombia 🇨🇴, Egypt🇪🇬, England🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿, Estonia🇪🇪, Ethiopia🇪🇹,France🇫🇷, Germany🇩🇪, Hong Kong🇭🇰, Hungary🇭🇺, India🇮🇳, Ireland🇮🇪, Italy🇮🇹, Jordan🇯🇴, Lebannon🇱🇧, Malaysia🇲🇾, Norway🇳🇴, Pakistan🇵🇰, Romania🇷🇴, Scotland🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿, Serbia🇷🇸, South Africa🇿🇦, Spain🇪🇸, Switzerland 🇨🇭, Tajikistan🇹🇯, United Arab Emirates🇦🇪 & USA🇺🇸. 

xCHANGE 1  "Entrepreneurial Mindset." We discussed 1) What is the entrepreneurial mindset? 2) Why is it important? 3) How can you develop it? A summary of this event can be found in eZINE volume 4 no2.

xCHANGE 2  "Entrepreneurial Employees." We discussed 1) What are entrepreneurial employees? 2) Why do we need them? 3) How can they be developed? A summary can be found in eZINE volume 4 no2.

xCHANGE 3 "Student Entrepreneurs." We discussed 1) Which students should become entrepreneurs? 2) How can we best prepare students to become entrepreneurs? 3) Why is entrepreneurship the right career choice during a world pandemic? Further details of can be found in eZINE volume 4 no3.

xCHANGE 4  "The Entrepreneurial Mindset and the Future of Work." We discussed 1) How is the world of work changing? 2) Why do we need an entrepreneurial mindset? 3) What needs to be done to help people to develop the mindset and be prepared for the changes ahead? Further details are in eZINE volume 4 no3.

xCHANGE 5  "Businesses & Universities: maximising the creation of shared value." We discussed 1) Why should businesses and universities collaborate? 2) How can they work together to create shared value? 3) What helps to maximise the value and impact of these collaborations? A summary can be found in eZINE volume 5 no1.

xCHANGE 6 "Entrepreneurial Universities - Fact or Fiction?" We discussed 1) Why do we need universities to be entrepreneurial? 2) Is the the entrepreneurial university fact or fiction? 3) What needs to change if universities are truly going to become more entrepreneurial? A summary of this event can be found in eZINE volume 5 no1.