Research papers by members of the MINDSET LEAP (Leading Experts and Advisors Panel) are available on Academia and ResearchGate.

On Google Scholar there are a total of 127 published papers with 2430 citations.

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Work‐life balance in times of economic crisis and austerity

by Abigail Gregory, Susan Milner and Jan Windebank ▶️

Developing the enterprise educators’ mindset to change the teaching methodology: the case of Creating Entrepreneurial Outcomes (CEO) Programme

by Alison Price and Zhang Jing ▶️

Norwegian Government incentives for SME companies in the local oil and gas sector: a case study

by Jan Frick ▶️ 

Nonfamily knowledge during family business succession: a cultural understanding

by Jay Wasim ▶️

Critical leadership thinking in intrapreneurship education in Europe - the case of Estonia

by Mart Kikas ▶️

Entrepreneurial Organisational Capacity: Funding, People and Incentives

by Paul Coyle ▶️