We provide many examples of the use of the entrepreneurial mindset. They are from people all over the world. People are using the mindset to create economic, social and cultural value.  Get a quick taste from our Twitter feed or dive in for a deeper discussion in our eZINE.  Our Mission is to inspire to you to use the entrepreneurial mindset, so that you can make your unique contribution to the world.

Paul Coyle, Director of the Entrepreneurial Mindset Network, giving expert advice

Where can I quickly see examples of the mindset?

Find inspiration in our weekday tweets with examples of  people from all over the world who are using the entrepreneurial mindset in every walk of life.

What if I want to see some more detailed examples ?

Our regular online eZINE is packed with examples gathered and curated from our international network. The eZINE is an online flip book with text, images and embedded videos.  

Can you recommend a book about the mindset ?

Our book  "Entrepreneurial Mindset"  explains step by step what the mindset is and how to put it into practice.  

Do members of the Network share examples?

Our regular xCHANGE webinars offer an exclusive opportunity for our members to meet online, to share experiences and discuss the mindset.

Are there published research papers that I can read?

Research papers and conference presentations, by the members of the MINDSET LEAP, are available on Academia and ResearchGate.

Where can I find even more examples and inspiration?

Paul Coyle regularly posts on LinkedIn.  Join the conversation, choose to like the content or offer a comment and your own point of view.