The entrepreneurial mindset is useful if you want to start or run a business.

It is equally important if you are employed in the private, public or not for profit sectors. 

The entrepreneurial mindset is not just a way thinking. Above all it is about taking action, turning ideas into reality. 

Use the entrepreneurial mindset to make your unique contribution to the world.

Anybody can benefit from having an entrepreneurial mindset

What are the benefits of the entrepreneurial mindset?

There are many benefits you gain from having an entrepreneurial mindset. Without the right mindset you will miss out.

What is a good defintion of the entrepreneurial mindset?

Lots of people use the phrase "entrepreneurial mindset" but what exactly does it mean?  What is a good definition that is easy to understand and to remember?

How can I get feedback about my mindset?

You can gain invaluable feedback about your seven essential entrepreneurial behaviours by using our online MINDSET Profile Tool.