Why do people join the Network?

To demonstrate their commitment to the entrepreneurial mindset and to be part of an international community of practice.

What do Network members have in common? 

Each member brings their own talents, knowledge and distinctive culture. All members are united by their interest in the entrepreneurial mindset and willingness to share their experiences with other people in the Network.

How do members make the Network bigger than the sum of its parts?

Each member is invited to share their ideas, questions, lessons and experience so that all members might benefit from these insights.


What problem is the network trying to solve? 

We aim to provide much-needed practical advice about using the entrepreneurial mindset so that each person, whether they are an entrepreneur or not, can make their unique contribution to the world.

What changes does the Network aim to achieve? 

We aim to increase the number of people who are empowered by the entrepreneurial mindset and recognise, celebrate and promote their achievements.

What commitment to the Network do members make?

Members support the Network by sharing their experiences with other members, for example, via the eZINE and interactive xCHANGE webinars.


What are the benefits of joining the network? 

Each member has the opportunity to benefit from a clear definition of the mindset and advice about how to put the mindset to practical use. In addition, there are opportunities to interact with other members, to swap experiences, to explore shared problems and co-create solutions.

How do members contribute to the Network to make it sustainable?

Members provide the case studies, lessons and practical guidance that will encourage more people to benefit from their membership of the Network.

How do members benefit from contributing to the activities of the Network? 

Members have the opportunity to showcase and celebrate their achievements and those of their friends and colleagues.


How do you want network members to treat each other? 

Members will listen, try to understand, respect and learn from the experiences of other members.

What are the network’s values? 

The Network values the behaviours that are central to its definition of the entrepreneurial mindset: Meet real needs, Innovate, Never act unethically, Dare to take risks, Sell, Exercise for productivity and Take the initiative.

How does the network communicate its values, both internally and externally?

The Network’s values are embedded in its definition of the entrepreneurial mindset which undeprins all the activities of the Network.


We defined our Shared Identity, Purpose, statement of Value Creation and of Values & Culture using the Network Building Canvas, a free resource created by the Social Change Agency. Click on their logo to visit the website.